Playboy Magazine Makes A PG-13 Move Towards The Digital Age posted by on October 13, 2015
Remember when you used to find your Dad's stash of Playboys ?? You can Kiss That Goodbye

Remember when you used to find your Dad’s stash of Playboys ?? You can Kiss That Goodbye

In an unprecedented move, Playboy Magazine, headed by Hugh Hefner, has decided to go PG-13.. which means NO NUDES !!!

While this may come as a surprise to you, it’s actually not.  Playboy has had a hard time with their nude content competing against the Porn / Internet Age.  What they’re choosing to do is focus on more journalistic material, while still having a centerfold model, but posed in provocative situations that don’t give up all the goods.

In the end, it’s just a marketing strategy.  They’re going to redirect people who do want that content to their Playboy Plus, or Playboy TV outlets, cause let’s face it… Sex Based Entertainment has a bit of a limitation in print.

Playboy actually made a similar move with their website, Playboy.com and increased their viewership by nearly 300%, with latest statistics at 10 Million Unique Visitors a month.  The company felt that NSFW content actually limited their audience in today’s Digital Age where everyone surfs the web from work.

What do you think of Playboy’s new move ?

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