Alleged Brazilian Prostitute Posts Video Of A Sleeping Justin Bieber… He Was Tired. posted by on November 6, 2013

So I’m sure you’ve all heard the news of an alleged Justin Bieber with the same kicks and wrist tattoo, under a probably Hooker & Skeet stained Sheet, as Justin Bieber left the World Famous Centaurus Brothel in Brazil.

Then he supposedly left that spot, went back to His Hotel only to get kicked out since they have strict rules against prostitution.

Well, supposedly, one of those chicks just posted a video of a Sleeping Justin Bieber, after bangin out some Brazilian Booty Sellers.

Sucks to be him right now.  Can’t Trust a Hooker… If they’re willing to Sell out their Vagina for a couple hundred bucks, they’ll sell your Bieber ass out for certainty…

Now she tryin to make YouTube ads off a mofo.  And judging by the probability that she’s gonna make 5 figures or more on this video, Bieber better watch out…

No Vagina is safe.  Literally and figuratively

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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