Paula Labaredas Is A Ray Of Sunlight In A Heart Shaped Bottle posted by on July 2, 2011

Yeah, that sounds about right.


Hearts Fold In The Palms Of Paula Labaredas

The Sun Shines Brightly On This Beautiful Face That's Always Smiling

When you have someone as indescribable as Paula, where words in virtually any language just don’t do her justice, English, Portuguese, Rhymes or otherwise…  you just have to get creative… and you still won’t come close to fully describing all that is Paula Labaredas.

Is It Me... Or Are Some Hearts Getting Hot Under The Collar For Paula Labaredas ???

Paula is seen here at Eleanor Jean Botique in Sherman Oaks, having fun as always, and looking beautiful while she’s at it… as always  ;)

*** Dangerous Curves Ahead *** And I'm Not Talking About Broken Hearts... Though There Are Many

I’m not gonna say that she stole the show… again… but she did… again.  Are you getting used to this yet?

When Two Hearts Beat As One... Dreams Really Do Come True

Well you better, because over these last few weeks, the overwhelming response from around the world is that Paula Labaredas is here to stay.  And why wouldn’t she?  And why would you want her to do otherwise?

Trapped Inside The Cages Of A Restless Heart / Pictures Of Paula Labaredas... The Best Of Art

So thank you Paula, once again, for spicing up Red Carpets.  For making meaningless events overwhelming… And for being the dream that never exists.

She Is The Vision Of A Dream... That Doesn't Exist

You are what words cannot describe… In other words…

“We Don’t Think You’re Beautiful…

We Think You’re Beyond It”


So This Is What "The One" Looks Like


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com