Carmen Electra Keeps It “Exclusively In” Electric Game Mode posted by on October 13, 2011

Carmen Electra... "Exclusively In" Modes Of Seduction

Carmen Electra, Lookin Daaamn Fine…


Also showed up to a rare Hollywood appearance for the “Saints Row: The Third” launch party at Supper Club in Hollywood.

And while partying on the inside and catchin grooves to the Sounds Laid By Down by the Underground… The Digital Underground that is…

She made sure to show off a scarf by “Exclusively In“, which is a Design Line that uses traditional Indian based designs for their pieces.

And One Must be Thankful that Carmen took time out of her busy partyin’ at the VIP Table Schedule with Lindsay Lohan and Aly Michalka, just to show us how playful she can get behind one of these things, if you were that lucky bedroom fella.

And who isn’t gonna love when someone like Carmen Electra decides to get playful behind one of these?

You lucky Dawg… Whoever you are !!


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Visit “Exclusively In” Online at www.Exclusively.In

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