It’s A Not So Happy Halloween For Kris Humphries… Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce posted by on October 31, 2011

Text Received: "Yeah man, you didn't know she filed for Divorce on you today? Check the Web Bro !! It's all over the place"

But were they ever really married?

I don’t know. Cameras all around. Kim didn’t want to change her name to Humphries. Kim didn’t want to move to Minnesota. Kris moved his stuff out of their New York Hotel not too long ago. Then Kim followed suit.

They made mad loot off their wedding special, so could it have been just another Kardashian business move for major figures?

Sources close to Reggie Bush say that he predicted this long ago when K and K first announced their engagement, saying “Kris doesn’t make enough money for her”… as well as discussing Kim’s ego, fame and business issues that are being circulated around the internet based media today.

And what makes that even more fu@ked up… Allz I gots to say is, what a way to ruin the childhood based memories of Halloween for the rest of your life. Poor Kris Humphries. The rest of his years will have a “Not-so-Happy Halloween”.


Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com 

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