DMX and Dr. Drew: Both Are Legendary Life Changers

Just two weeks after announcing to TMZ that he has kicked his cocaine addiction, multi-platinum artist DMX is now using his success story to help others. X was called upon by Dr. Drew to keep a Los Angeles teen from joining his brothers in jail. The Dog accomplishes this with a heavy dose of ―real talk‖, and by showing him how he can substitute a future in the slammer with a freedom in the studio.

But before X can help this troubled teen he first helps himself by sitting down with Dr. Drew and discussing his past life of crime and substance abuse. He also reveals some intricate details about his childhood and how God has led him toward a life of sobriety. ―”I start each day with a prayer“, says DMX, ―the Lord has never forsaken me, even when men have. I agreed to be on this show so that my fans can see with their own eyes that X is back and I’m ready to be back on top.

He might be on top sooner than you think. The show consists of two half hour episodes, the second of which ends with the release of his new gospel song ―”Keep Ya Head Up“. This song is one of his most promising tracks to date, with raw, transparent lyrics that everyone can relate to.

The show is called “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers” and it airs on Wednesday November 9th on the CW at 3:00pm.


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