Korrina Rico And Kiersten Hall Are Santa’s Hottest Helpers !!!! posted by on December 19, 2011


With Helpers Like Korrina Rico and Kiersten Hall... It's a wonder anything gets accomplished at the North Pole

Santa Claus‘s 2 Hottest Helpers of AALLLLL Time… Korrina Rico and Kiersten Hall came to party at Benchwarmer’s 6th Annual Holiday Party and Toy Drive at Colony on Saturday night… and showed us exactly why it is that Mr. Claus can go all night long.

Even Playboy Playmates Are Mesmer-Eyezed by their Flawless Perfection

Allz I gotz to say iz… If I was Santa Claus and I had Helpers like them, I’d ditch the kids, and take that flying sleigh to some place Tropical, and just chill… Beachside with some Coronas, Kiersten and Korrina, and just let them run around in Bikinis, blowing kisses as beautiful as snowflakes.  As a matter of fact… Who needs to migrate to Tropical Climates when you’ve got ladies like these ? Their Exotic looks and Mesmer-eyez are surely hot enough to melt any polar ice cap faster than you can say “Al Gore

I Think You Just Died And Went To Christmas At The North Pole

But hey, let’s be thankful that Santa’s got 2 ladies to remind him of how studly he is… What with Mrs. Claus being several hundred years old and all.

Don’t give Santa a Broken Heart or a Heart Attack Ladies.  We wouldn’t want your Stunning Good looks to ruin Christmas for Children all around the Globe… But I’m sure if you gave them all a poster of yourselves, all will be forgiven.

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Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Exclusive Photos:  SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos:  SunOfHollywood.com 

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