EXCLUSIVE: Toni Monroe Brings To Hip-Hop The Power Of Self… With Nobody Else But The Mic As Her Help posted by on December 23, 2011

Here's The Latest Lady Now Runnin The Ship / So Shut Your Lip And Don't Give Toni S#!T

In A World Where It Seems Hip-Hop Has Lost Its Way…

In Walks “Toni Monroe“, the only woman who seems to have the strength, skills and abilities, and burning desires to actually resurrect the origins of Hip-Hop.  To bring it back to a time when story tellers and minds with genius abilities became the journalists, historians and revolutionaries of our time.

Her lyrical prowess has the insight of an artist like Nas, with the soul and style of most female Hip-Hop and R&B Artists set to bring about a greater understanding to the game.  Toni doesn’t stop at the usual banter that pervades our airwaves today.  And as a matter of fact, she probably doesn’t even touch on those shallow subject matters at all.

Toni comes from a place of great understanding from an analytical and creative combination of mind and soul, to overcome obstacles and share the struggles and achievements that have made Toni Monroe the artist she is today.  While her exterior may not necessarily scream out “Dopest Emcee You’ve Seen On The Scene“… Her songs definitely scream out “I told you so“.

And that’s one of those unexpected packages that brings about enough attention to influence.  And add to that a person who has a purpose and a calling to be a voice box for a generation, while bringin’ mad style and flavor straight from Southern California, and you’ve got the Woman with the Presence of a Queen to set to bring SexyBack to Hip-Hop, as the sexiest of all people are those with great intellects, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and artistic creativity that shuts out the worlds judgments, assumptions, and limited intelligence and says “I Am Hip-Hop“.  Clearly Toni is ready to kick suma$$ while taking over the Throne and setting things straight in the Game.

Toni Monroe Fully Into Character For Her "Hit The Trap" Video

As Toni Monroe shares with us her struggles, and how she came about and was birthed as an artist, one can’t deny the fortitude and will to break through the doubts of even her closest associates… Even down to the creation of her name, which itself is a display of a Strong Independent and Sexy Woman who takes charge of her own life, Toni’s choices and path depict a woman who’s ready to take over in a world where few woman are able to command the respect as Rakim did in the Golden Era.

But those who bring about Truth in their lyrics and songs are the ones whose Legacy carries on.

It’s no wonder Toni is quickly catching the attention of folks from all over the Hip-Hop realm, performing in show and working with artists like Ice Cube, Nelly, E-40, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Mack 10 and Mobb Deep.  She was even chosen to gain the coveted position as performing on stage with none other than Legendary Compton Producer / Rapper DJ Quik as he rings in 2012 at The Key Club in Hollywood.

Another Hot New Year's Eve Party Hosted By DJ Quik And Toni Monroe

So clearly yet another one doing it Big for 2012, as Toni is set to debut her mixtape with DJ Crazy Toones entitled “Big Girl Cookies” sure to give the Industry a stir and a buzz like none have seen since 50 Cent signed with Eminem.

So I’m pretty sure after checking out Toni’s style as an artist, and as a person in this Exclusive SunOfHollywood.com interview..

You too will agree that Toni is given a powerful position

to Resurrect Hip-Hop as her Matriarchal Mission


Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com







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