Prophecy Celebrates Karina Smirnoff’s Birthday With SunOfLasVegas.Com And SunOfHollywood.com posted by on January 15, 2012

Prophecy Brings In A New Year For The World... And For Karina Smirnoff... Apocalyptic Style For 2012


Prophecy was one of the Chosen Few to spend Karina Smirnoff’s Birthday with her at Gallery Nightclub in the Planet Hollywood Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas.

I Guess Lollipops Get All The Fun

Yes, the Beautiful and Talented and very Physically Fit Karina Smirnoff celebrated her Birthday like only Big Ballers do, and that’s in Vegas baby.  She busted out on the Vegas Strip lookin like a sparkly Mermaid that just managed to dance her way on to dry land… and lucky for us we ‘ve got pics to show just how much she wowed the crowd over at Gallery.

Karina Smirnoff And Her Shall To Share... Y'all

Karina Smirnoff With Her Birthday Dream Team: Lindsay Rielly, Melissa Berger and Galit Strugano In... "Sex And The Sin City"

And why not ?? She is of course the Reigning Champion over Dancing With The Stars along with partner J.R. Martinez… So why not celebrate your Berffday, and Great Successes and Achievements in 2012 than doing it VIP Style.

The Remnants Of An Amazing Night

And yes, if the remainder of Karina’s Cake is any indication, we def had a great time.

Don’t you wish you could’ve been there?  All 25 Million Of YOU ?????

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photos: SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: SunOfHollywood.com 

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