Police Evacuate Train In Taiwan After Explosives Were Found posted by on April 12, 2013

Safety At High Speeds Is A Dangerous Responsibility

Six hundred passengers were evacuated from a high-speed train in Taiwan on Friday after explosives were found in luggage inside a restroom.  The explosives were attached to a timer and apparently close to detonation, police said.

The Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. train stopped at Hsinchu City after someone found the explosives in two pieces of luggage, that police said was emitting white smoke, and people in the carriage reported the smell of gas..  The explosive device consisted of 5 liters of gasoline and an activated timer device to trigger them.

Investigators believe the explosives would have detonated had authorities not intervened and believe the blast would have taken out one carriage, which could carry up to 60 passengers.

The train started at Zuoying and was headed to Taipei.

In the intense times of this World we’re living in.. .one Can NEVER be too cautious.  Just as they evacuated the Eiffel Tower for a recent Bomb Threat that turned out to be a dud… It’s welcoming news to know that one set of evildoers plans have been foiled.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo : Goffredo Crollalanza @ www.goff-pix.com

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