6th Grader Claims iLLuminati And Threatens To Sacrifice Classmates To The Devil posted by on May 13, 2013

The Devil Sure is Gettin’ Around These Days…

As if his work in the Entertainment Industry wasn’t enough, we’re seeing some major craziness going on in our schools.  A 6th Grade Girl in a South Sacramento School went on a Rampage saying she was a Part of the Illuminati, wanted to sell her soul to the Devil and drew iLLuminati Pyramids and “666” in the Bathroom.

She allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors and tried to cut herself and a girl next to her.  Whether these things were taught to her by her surroundings, or through things she learned about online or through subliminals… With an event like this.. Demons are DEFINITELY Involved.

Be aware of the Subliminal Messages found in Cartoons, television as well as Digital Signals… You didn’t Really think the Government Cared THAT MUCH That you watched Digital Television did you ????  There have been a lot of violent episodes amongst children, and these are just examples of the dark and pervasive spirit that is trying to take over.

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