Stacy Keibler Spotted At 4Play Strip Club With Some New Dude Booty posted by on August 23, 2013

You Are Now Free To Get Freaky About The Country

Looks like Stacy Keibler has put Old Man George Clooney in her Back Pocket !!

Cause she was just spotted at 4Play Strip Club in West Los Angeles.. and it’s lookin like it was a Date with a new dude.

We even got a description on dude.  White Male.. Early 40’s, Slightly on the Thicker Side and Medium Brown Hair !!

The 2 stayed until about 1am before taking off together, and enjoyed the company of some lovely ladies at 4Play.

Sorry George.. You had a girl who had a Freak Side.. and you Let her go.

One man’s Ex, is another man’s Lap Dance


I guess George left cause he only got to hang out with This Girl… He Missed out on some 4Play

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo: Instagram , Facebook

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