Rihanna’s Halloween Costume Proves She Can’t Get Karrueche Out Of Her Head posted by on November 1, 2013

In Rihanna's Case, Imitation is the Most Sinister Form of Flattery

Kylie Minogue Should’ve Been Singin about Rihanna not being able to get Karrueche out of her head.

Cause there is no Photographic Evidence that thoughts of Karrueche dictate whole decisions and moves for the Satanic Evil Bitch Princess of the iLLuminati.

Rihanna posted pics of herself for Halloween on her Instagram, stating “My Chola name was #ShyGirl”.

But where have I seen this before ?

Hmmm… Maybe because just about 4 days earlier, Karrueche posted pics of herself, also as a Chola, and as you can see, one of her friends even called her “ShyGirl”.  Not to mention Rihanna even threw up the “W” just as Karrueche did in her pics.

Alls I gotz to say is, it shows Rihanna aint over Chris Brown… and it looks like she Aint over Karrueche either.. Matter of fact, it looks like she wishes she could be just like her.

Damn, and you thought Rihanna had it all.  Obviously Not.

And considering everybody got mad at Julianne Hough for her “Orange is the New Blackface” outfit that sparked outrage, I wonder why people aren’t trippin on Rihanna making fun of the Blue People.

Looks Like We Found RiRi's Inspiration... All Karrueche... All Hallow's Eve

Now We Know Where Rihanna Got Her Pose From... Sucks for her to be a Wannabe

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