Typical Tuezdayz With Prophecy featuring Jessica Hall, Coolio, AnnaLynne McCord & Nikki Leigh posted by on July 2, 2014

This Aynt Yer Typical Tuesday.. But When You're With Prophecy These Type Of Things They Happen Every Day

Life is a Whirlwind of Adventure if you Take Hold of Every Moment to Make the Most of it.

Tuesdays are Typical… Just Like Any day of the Week to Me.  CAuse they’re ALL ON & Krakkin.

And if this is what’s the Hizzaps on a Typical Tuezday, just Imagine all the Place i Couldn’t go.  Cause I’m still Slightly Human and bound by the whole physics thing.  CAn’t be in 2 Places homey.  But I get damn close.

So after a day all around town full of meetings and missing Edi’s Real Talk Show cause my day was so crazy, I began the evening at Riviera 31 in Sofitel for Benchwarmer’s “Stars & Stripes Celebration” to Benefit Children Of The Night.  A Fun Even to Benefit the Fight for Humanity and the Humanity of our Children.

The Guest of Honor at the Event was AnnaLynne McCord in her first Public Appearance since Revealing her Own Very Personal Struggles within her Life and her Past, Betrayal and Healing.  A Vulnerable and Powerful Move to Impact the World.. and Now Impacting This Cause as Founded by Dr. Lois Lee.

And it’s Always Nice to see Real Peeps in the Mix.. Especially if they DaaAaamn Fine !! Such as Jessica Hall with her #WCW Everyday.. Mel Lamprey.

Then you get to Catch up with Another Homey who’s DaaaaAamn Fine like Nikki Leigh.  Why would I Ever Leave this Party ??

Cause I gotztu.  That’s How Prophecy Do.

So I Bounced.. Turned down a couple Offers to go hit up the Club for some Other Peeps you Would Know… To Instead have a Studio Session with Coolio as he hashed out a Collab with the Homey Cavie.

That’s how this Kid makes the Most of Every Moment.  Even if it could have just been a Typical Tuesday.

But any day with Prophecy is FFFffaaaarrr from Typical.

Stay In Tune for More from this Typical Tuezday.. That’s Anything BUT Typical

She'll Make Anybody Look Better

"Real Homeys Help You Get Through" - "Until The End Of Time" - Tupac Shakur

Coolin In The Studio With Coolio & Cavie / Slammin At These Clamorin' Fans & Grabbin' Grammies

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

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