Bo Benton Schools Our Conflicted World In The Official Music Video For “Money” posted by on August 15, 2014

There is No Doubt in nearly everyone’s mind that we are living in an Increasingly Difficult and Trying time in our Nations and World Today.

Both Domestic Conflicts and Wars Abroad have Tensions High across all Humanity.  It takes Specially Chosen and Enlightened People to be willing to tackle this World’s Problems Head On.

And that’s Exactly what Bo Benton does with the Official Music Video for her song “Money“.  The music video is complete with an overall message and motivation to change our World’s focus from off the wrong things, and its own Destruction… usually centered around the Greed of Humanity.  In the Video, Bo is not afraid to tackle a time that requires Protesting… Where Civilians are at War with the Police Force in a Planet that seeks Destruction in all its ways.

But Bo wants to Urge everyone to Believe in the Hope of Change… Not just a change from a Perspective of Money… But the System that Controls it.

Let there be Life

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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