Cody Johns, Curtis Lepore & Julian Smith Take Over Sundance By VinerStorm posted by on January 29, 2015

When you’ve got about 1 in every 30 Americans following you on Social Media, You Might Draw a Crowd if you Ask for It..

Such was the case when Cody Johns, Curtis Lepore & Julian Smith created the True Winter Blizzard at Sundance, and not none of that Weakazz Overhyped New York Shizz.

These dudes decided to let their followers know they were gonna have a little fun on Main St after the Hewlett Packard Event, and sure enough damn near 1 out of ever 1 people at Sundance came out to join in the adventure… even the New York Times decided to get In on the Action. I didn’t see Brad Pitt or James Franco bring out this many people.

Vine followers are known to be loyal supporters of the peeps that make trip out their minds full of humor in 6 seconds.  And those who have Mastered the Art in this form are continuing to prove that they’re the Game Changers in todays mixed world of Technology and Media.

So be on the Lookout, cause you know tomorrows movers and shakers will be appearing in a VinerStorm Near You

Shouts out to CMPR Inc. for Sharing  :)

The VinerStorm Magnitude Is Real

Main St... More Like Crammed St.

The Epicenter Of The Main St. VinerStorm... Curtis Lepore, Cody Johns & Julian Smith

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo & Video : CMPR Inc

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