Freida Pinto Captivates Audiences At The Private Screening For “Blunt Force Trauma” posted by on July 22, 2015
I'd Take On In The Chest For Her

I’d Take On In The Chest For Her

Freida Pinto is the Hottest Gunslinger To Hit The Silver Screen…

Freida Pinto stunned on the Red Carpet for the Private Screening of her new film “Blunt Force Trauma”. The screening took place at CAA’s Theater in Century City.

In the film, Freida plays Colt, a gunslinger in the underground world of gun fights where opponents shoot each other in their bullet proof vests, to see who can remain standing.

The film begins with bot Coltand John (played by True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten) as winners of their respective gun duels, foreshadowing the fact that the two would make an exceptional Bonnie & Clyde team… which they end up doing throughout the film.

The two follow an intense journey in this South American Underworld.. where winners who risk their lives to gun fight are paid handsomely and in cash, then on to the next one. Oh yeah, and of course Freida and Ryan get it on a couple of times… cause they’re 2 damn hot

It all culminates to the final gunfight between John and Zollinger, played by Mickey Rourke. And leaves audiences guessing what the true outcome will be.

Be on the lookout for “Blunt Force Trauma” and be entranced by Freida’s Exotic Hottness

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