Nelson Mandela Reportedly Underwent Successful Surgery To Remove Gall Stones posted by on December 15, 2012

Keep Fightin Like You Always Do

The South African Presidency has reported that Former President Nelson Mandela has undergone a successful surgery to remove Gall Stones.  The 94 year old Mandela was reportedly checked into a Hospital earlier this week at a Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa’s capital and has been recovering from a Lung Ailment.  Doctors apparently wanted to first tend to Former President Mandela’s Lung ailment before performing this Surgery.

However, Government Officials have contradicted themselves in the reported Location of The Anti-Apartheid Revolutionary, leading the nearly 50 Million Citizens of the country wondering who is really caring for him, and what is the true current status of his overall health condition.

Let’s hope he’s good.  Cause we love the Dude.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com