Christina Collard And “Indian Spider-Man” Have The Whole World Caught In Its Wide Web posted by on July 10, 2012

Even Parrots Around The Globe Agree... Christina Collard Is Too Damn Fly

Props to my homegirl, Australian Born Christina Collard, for taking part in a short bit entitled “Indian Spider-Man“, giving a new twist on the Spider-Man series that’s definitely a fresher idea than the recent record breaking blockbuster starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

“Indian Spider-Man”, produced by Goat Face Comedy, re-enacts the Stan Lee favorite that we all know and love, with the slight twist of our webbed hero, played by Hasan Minhaj (no relation to Nicki) coming from a traditional Indian Family.  The short plays on Indian and Asian American Stereotypes like only Indians and Asians should be allowed.

And this would be the same reason why this video was recently talked about by none other than the Los Angeles Times, and comparing it to Ashton Kutcher’s controversially failed attempt at depicting comedic twists of Indian Culture in a recent ad campaign for PopChips.  Sorry Ashton, maybe you should stick to marria… oh wait.

But of course, the real props goes to Christina, who’s showin up all over the place here and there, letting you know that her breakthrough moments are just on the verge, as she plays Indian Spider-Man’s damsel in distress.  Unfortunately for her, she fell victim to those same Indian Stereotypes, rendering her Hero useless.

Maybe next time, she should just shout for Prophecy

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Photo: Christina Collard

Video: Goat Face Comedy