Police Report Shootout With Chris Dorner In Big Bear posted by on February 12, 2013

The Police Bear Is In A Shoot Out In Big Bear

Sources have told the Los Angeles Times that Police are now in a shootout with alleged Cop Killer and Former Los Angeles Police Officer, Christopher Dorner.

Christopher Dorner is the alleged Cop Killer who has been reported to be responsible for 3 deaths so far, while claiming retaliation against a police force where he has experienced corruption at every level, releasing a manifesto of his experience with the LAPD, naming officers and incidents.  Christopher Dorner is also alleged to have left numerous voicemail messages to celebrities before his rampage, while also sending CNN Pawn Anderson Cooper a note with a Police Coin riddled with bullet holes.

Police have reportedly shot at numerous civilians and vehicles in search for Dorner, prompting citizens to wear signs and shirts stating that they ARE NOT Christopher Dorner.  Yesterday reports even came out that the LAPD was considering using Drones to search for the fugitive on the run.  And a recent video showing Dorner purchasing Scuba gear and filling an oxygen tank give insight into his future plans of escape.

But all those plans may be on hold now, as authorities reveal they have him surrounded and a perimeter has been placed around where Dorner was last seen.  Police responded to a home invasion in Big Bear where it is suspected Christopher Dorner tied up the homeowner couple and fled in their vehicle.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com