News Of An Alleged Affair Between Justin Bieber And Rihanna Cracks The Web Wide Open posted by on February 6, 2013

JUSY !!.. U Got Some Splainin' To Do !!!

The World Wide Web is about to Snap into Bits and Smithereens ladies and gentlemen…

Life & Style Magazine is reporting that a friend of Selena Gomez has revealed that their Final Straw Breakup on December 30th 2012 in Mexico was after she found out that Justin Bieber had cheated on her with none other than the ILLuminati Princess herself.. Rihanna !!  No wonder he got that Owl Tattoo !! It all makes sense now doesn’t it ?? It should !!

And according to the source, she’s completely devastated because it’s alleged to have happened after the NBA All-Star Game in February of 2011, shortly after the two were seen acting quite flirtatious while sitting next to each other on the sidelines.  The source claims that because this was a time when “Jusbelena” were just dating for a few month and “falling in love”.. causing her to now question the entire relationship.

This is definitely going to cause a rift between Biebz and his “friendship” with Chris Brown. And we already know Selena’s been hatin on Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Palvin and Miley Cyrus. Guess we can now add Rihanna to that list !

Like we said, it really aynt the best year for the Biebs.  Maybe Lil Za shouldn’t have brought up “The Devil Satan”

Talk about a rough few weeks.

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