Stephen Hawking: Humans MUST Escape Earth In This Millennium posted by on April 12, 2013

It Takes An Expert For Us To Finally Believe The Obvious

No News Here !!

World renowned British Physicist, Stephen Hawking issued a warning that our time on Earth is running out recently in front of an audience at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  Hawking stated that, if mankind would like to continue existing, we have no other choice than to leave this fragile planet called Earth.. Which we have clearly set in motion for Destruction.  Hawking said human beings “won’t survive another 1,000 years without escaping our fragile planet,” and that we need to continue space exploration so we can get off this sinking ship called Earth.

Take it from Stephen… We are PAST The POINT of No Return… Now tell us something we don’t know.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo : NASA

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Brittney Palmer Has The Planet Of Hollywood In The Palm Of Her Peaceful Hand posted by on March 7, 2012


Brittney Palmer... The Planet's Next It Girl... Wars Are Waged Over Lesser Women... Who Aren't As Wishful For Peace

It’s been a minute since a fresh face had that “IT” Factor when appearing on the Red Carpet, and that would definitely have to be UFC Octagon Ring Girl and Daamn Fine Model Brittney Palmer, who gave Planet Hollywood’s Gallery Nightclub in Las Vegas that Exact Wow Factor they were looking for this weekend, while spreading good tidings to all and Peace to the Planet of Earth, cause she couldn’t help but keep flashin the peace sign on the Carpet.  Can’t knock her for wantin World Peace.


Brittney Palmer's 1st Position On Peace


Brittney Palmer Shares Her Second Thoughts On Peaceful Issues


Brittney Palmer Holds Firmly To Her Stance On The Sweetness Of Peace

And I can guarantee you’ll be seeing more of Brittney soon… and if you REALLY REALLY Want to see more of Brittney, if you’re into that kind of thing… you can check her out in the upcoming issue of Playboy, where she’s the Cover Girl.

The Peace Of Poetry

And of course, if holding her own issue of Playboy wasn’t Hott enough for you, she of course is contractually obligated to hold up that little Sugar Factory Lollipop, and yes, she does it well.

Almost as well as she shares Peace with the World.  I guess Practice makes Perfect Peace… and Suggestive Lollipop Holding Worldwide !!

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photos: SunOfHollywood.com


Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

Rumors Swirl In The Science Community That The “God Particle” Has Been Found posted by on April 26, 2011

This image shows where the 17-mile long Large Hadron Collider sits underground in Geneva, Switzerland

A note leaked onto thee internet this week, alleged to have been sourced from the scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland claiming that they have found the elusive Higgs Boson Particle, the elementary particle that is theorized to lend mass to all matter, giving it the nickname, “The God Particle“.  The existence of the God particle has, at least possibly up until now, exists only in theory, postulated to solve the inconsistencies in theoretical physics.

The search for this particle is the main reason behind the conception and creation of the LHC, which is the world’s largest particle collider, primarily built and funded by European countries.  It is an underground circular tunnel, 17 miles in circumference, and approximately 600 feet below the Franco-Swiss border in Geneva, Switzerland.  It’s beginnings received much controversy and opposition from critics that believed that smashing protons into each other at nearly 100% the Speed of Light could create small Black Holes that would eventually lead to the destruction of our world.  Regardless of this contention, those that supported the project believed it could lead scientists to understanding the fundamental roots of the existence of our universe and how all was formed and created.

While nothing is yet confirmed, the success of discovering the God Particle still remains uncertain.  I also wouldn’t doubt that perhaps the buzz of a rumor could be used deceptively, to deceive the public into believing in the success of the LHC, or perhaps as pursuit of further funding.

What I do know is this.  We are way too ahead of ourselves.  Particle Accelerators, in my opinion are crossing over into dangerous territory, much like the Nuclear Reactors that are housed all over the world, and also responsible from the current soon to be global crisis from the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan.  If we had to build a $10 Billion Dollar underground tunnel, causing particles to act in a way they are not meant, then we definitely weren’t meant to find the God particle in the first place.  When it comes to all reactions of this nature, at the subatomic level, you are starting a process that may not end. These are the same reasons why even spent fuel rods are a huge radiation risk for months, even years, requiring the supervision and care that easily failed in a time of disaster such as the March 11th Earthquake and Tsunami.

One day, the energy created in one of their tests will result in a failure, of which the consequences may be catastrophic.


Yeah... We're definitely on our way

In Honor Of Earth Day, We Should All Learn To Respect Our Earth… Every Day posted by on April 22, 2011

We have the whole world in our hands... And our hands have fallen asleep at the wheel

And that includes respecting those who live in it, since we are all living in the same world together.  I don’t know about you, but in my honest opinion, we are living in the final days, and the signs of the times we are living in are only reiterating this notion.

With Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Economic Crises, it is clearly we have lost control of that which would keep us in a delicate balance.  Our earth is calling out for us to turn our hearts and our souls, and we continue not to listen.  Whether the recent events have been an act of God, Mother Nature, or those who seek to control our world and its societies.. It is clear that the only thing we can change, is the state of our soul.

Learn to be better… Learn to be greater… and realize, we’re all in this together, and things will only get better, if we choose to be so together.