Hotzpotz: Paris, Nicky and Xtina All Like Hot Beef In Their Mouth posted by on April 28, 2011

Paris and Nicky can't get enough of that Beefy goodness

Hotzpotz: Paris, Nicky and Xtina all like hot beef in their mouth.. So they all decided to hit up BOA Steakhouse for dinner tonight.

The Hilton sisters, Paris and Nicky went out to dinner together.  Noticeably absent was Cy Waits, who has had one too many run ins with stalkers since he’s been Paris’s man, and make-shift bodyguard.  She was asked on her way out if Cy was okay, and she gave a huge smile and said yes.

Christina Aguilera has beef with Matt Rutler, who we chose not to have pictured here ;)

Christina Aguilera also decided to hit up the Beverly Hills steakhouse with her unfortunate choice of boyfriends, Matt Rutler.  The two had beef and realized they were under the same roof with Christina’s good friends, The Hilton sisters.

BOA be poppin son !!


Christina Aguilera Barely Makes It Alive Through Her Gay Walk Of Fame… With Matt “The DUI Dodger” Rutler posted by on April 21, 2011

Wow Christina !! We absolutely LOOOOVE What You've Done With Your Hair... And your left boob !

Christina Aguilera made a bold and brave move today… Not by being the very first person inducted into “Abbey’s Gay Walk Of Fame”, No.  Christina’s brave move came from even showing up, getting out of her car, and daring to attempt to walk her little a$$ through a wall of paparazzi photographers, literally ready to crush on the little tike.

Come With Me... If You Want To Live

Thanks to her big a$$ bodyguard who’s always there to save the day, she made it through her tunnel of flashes almost in one piece.  She of course then did her thing on the red carpet, hung out with folks and drank like she didn’t get put in a drunk tank just a few weeks ago.  There was a steady 5-15 photographers waiting for her, yet somehow… When she came out, there must’ve been about 20-30, along with dozens of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of the songstress.

We wait... And when she comes... WE CRUSH HER !!!!

When leaving Christina is being escorted out nicely by current and soon to be ex-boyfriend, Matt Rutler.  Lucky for Matt, he just dodged a serious bullet with his DUI charges being dropped, because his alcohol test came up at a .06 BAC, just short of the .08 legal limit.  Lucky bastard, but the media shame is still the same.  U got your little girl arrested cause she “couldn’t care for herself” <– I still can’t stop laughing at that statement.

Matt... Are you Drinking And Walking again ? You remember what happened last time ?!?!!

Ironically, the same West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department that arrested Christina was also on Stand-by, waiting to make sure somebody could be arrested for impeding Christina’s entrance.  Typical Poh-Poh, waiting for a meal ticket by issuing tickets.

Wow !! West Hollywood and the Sheriffs really love www.SunOfHollywood.com ... AMAZING !!

So, without further ado, before we keep getting off topic… Congratulations Christina, you are the first honoree to be inducted into Abbey’s Gay Walk of Fame… You and David Cooley, owner of the Abbey, who would of course induct himself alongside one of the greatest singers of all time.  Heck, it’s his place.  Wouldn’t you do the same?

Let's get out of here Matt. I'm sick of you and your bullsh!t .. YOU'RE FIRED !


"Wow Dave, How did you manage to get inducted with Christina Aguilera?" "I own the place".. "oh"

photos : www.SunOfHollywood.com