N.W.A.’s Jerry Heller Passes Away posted by on September 3, 2016
Chillin in Paradise

Chillin in Paradise

One of the centerpieces of the controversial group N.W.A. passed away yesterday.

Jerry Heller, the Manager who many claimed was behind the break up of N.W.A., passed away in his home Friday, just a month shy of what would have been his 76th Birthday.

Regardless of whatever happened during the rise and end of N.W.A., or the many twists and turns regardin Dr. Dre and Death Row Records,  many of Eazy-E’s closest friends and relatives took to Social Media thanking Jerry for his contribution to N.W.A. and to Hip-Hop in General for being an instrumental part in a group that moved so many.

Last year’s Box Office Smash “Straight Outta Compton” saw Jerry portrayed by Paul Giamatti, a role that would later lead to a lawsuit by Heller.

Thanks Jerry for the Historic Moments that Hip-Hop aficionados will never forget

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