Tisha Campbell Martin & AJ Johnson Get Their Shimmy On At The BET Experience posted by on July 2, 2015

Tisha Campbell Martin & AJ Johnson get their Groove on at The BET Experience for 2015.

The two were seen at the Love Healthy Lounge & Wellness Pavilion For The BET Experience and got the crowd to join in on The #AJShimmy

Even Former NBA Star and Laker John Salley had to document this moment

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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John Salley And Terrell Owens Clownin’ At The Warm Home Of Nikki Giavasis posted by on November 16, 2012

John Salley & Terrell Owens.. The Unsuspecting Life Of Nikki Giavasis's Party

Nikki Giavasis Hosted a Housewarming at her New “Cribs” Crib, and brought along a few good friends for the celebration.

2 of which just so happened to be John Salley and Terrell Owens.  And whaddyu do when Good Friends are in the Presence of Other Good Friends ?? Why, you Choke Each Other Out Of Course !!

All In Good Fun !! They were just trying to distract the Fly Ladies from getting their Photo On, which included even more Fine friends of Nikki’s, like Korrina Rico, Christianne Kroll, The Page Twinz, Shanti Saha and Tania Quinones.

I Think John & Terrell Were Actually Fighting Over The Girls

So yeah, for a good laugh, check out the boys.  For a good thrill.. check out the girls  ;)

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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Eric Zuley Is The Bizness posted by on July 19, 2011

Eric Zuley... The Bizness Man. In His Usual Place Of Bizness

Speaking of Hustlers and Entrepreneurs like Jerry Buss

Let’s move on to my man Eric Zuley, coming soon to a Media Outlet near you.

HurriKim Katrina, Kim Lee and Katrina Chubarova, showing their support for EZ's Bizness along with Big Mo

Eric Zuley is one of the hardest working hustlers in the Hollywood realm these days, using his smooth skills and silken threads to win his way over amongst many other hustlers and entrepreneurs also in the Hollywood field.

Eric Zuley Casting Shadows In The Night Over Dante Basco

From Hollywood To Silicon Valley... Every Day They're Hustlin

Eric Zuley recently celebrated being on the cover of the June Issue of “Bizness” magazine in Downtown Los Angeles, and the mag couldn’t have picked a better young role model for the title of their publication.  This dude is definitely making things happen, from promoting Celebrity events, Charity events, and helping many of those coming up in the game get that added boost to their burgeoning careers the EZ Way to the futures best and brightest.  EZ was even one of those who organized Charity Fundraisers for the American Red Cross to benefit those struck by the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.


The Big EZ Along With The Even Bigger John Salley... The Larger Than Life Paula Labaredas... And The Top Heavy Mary Carey, at Paula's Birthday Party at Lexington Social House

And if you hadn’t had a chance yet, you should definitely check out TheEZShow.com for some of the latest of Eric’s Antics around the Hollywood Socialite and Celebrity Nightlife.  I’m pretty sure you’re going to find those things that you’ve been hoping for to keep this realm exciting.

Twilight's Rick Mora And Johnny V Can't Seem To Stay Out Of Eric Zuley's Bizness

Just call him the Diddy of The Dance Scene, the No Fuss Buss… or more like the laid back EZ Handlin his Hollywood Hotzpotz BZ.

He's Not Just A Cover Model... But He's Also a Centerfold... In The Center Of Some Ladies Who Be Lovin His Soul

Eric Zuley Outside Of Cafe Entourage For Sam Sarpong's Launch Of His GSus Clothing Line

Eric Zuley Shows Off His Great Pair Of Legs

And let’s not forget, EZ is such the Hustler… He even managed to figure out how to film in 3D from the now Extinct Flip Cams, a secret nobody else has been able to uncover, Until Now !!!… As seen below when Kim Lee Launched her signature shake at Millions of Milkshakes.

Meet Eric Zuly... Hustlin 3D Movies Off Of Flip Cams And Boobies


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Videos: WorldMonitorTV , The EZShow, WhatUNeed.TV Axe



And just to give you a bit more of some EZ’s Aura, check out myself, Prophecy, having a little fun an d a few laughs with my man Eric Zuly at the Red Carpet Celebration for EZ’s Cover in the June Issue of Bizness Magazine:


And one of Eric’s most Infamous World Appearances to date… Mr. King Rap Man Video Guy for Axe, when he loses his 3 Video Vixens to the dude spraying the love juice.  Sorry you lost those three breezies Eric, but we know who the real winner is, and it aint the dude who’s sprayin’ instead of hustlin

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Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Videos: WorldMonitorTV , The EZShow, WhatUNeed.TV , Axe



Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Videos: WorldMonitorTV , The EZShow, WhatUNeed.TV, Axe


Paula Labaredas… Celebrates Her Birthday But She’s The Gift That’s Greatest posted by on July 11, 2011

Paula Labaredas... Stopping Traffic On A Hollywood Blvd. Near You

When most people celebrate their birthdays, they usually expect guests to arrive bearing gifts.  But what happens when the Birthday Girl herself is a gift greater than any package that can be presented… wrapped or unwrapped ??  hehe  ;)

I see you've got that Oral Fixation... Watching Paula will do that to you

Such is the case for Ms. Paula Labaredas, who celebrated her Birthday last week at Lindsay Lohan‘s favorite Post-House Arrest House, Lexington Social House, in Hollywood.

Don't Ever Say "Don't Sweat It" When It Comes To The Hottness Of Paula Labaredas

Paula had quite an interesting mixture of cast & crew come out to show their love for the Portuguese Blonde Bombshell… who came out looking like the Highlighter of Hollywood… talk about catching the eye !!

Mary "Don't Dare Compare Me" Carey tries to compare sizes with one of Phoebe Price's... by grabbing her boobs !!

I have a sudden urge to play Basketball

I Think John Salley Has a Sudden Urge To Play Basketball

Paula Labaredas, singer Taylor Dayne and the dude responsible for Paula's Do... Robert Moran

Alicia Ann Marie Arden and Paula Labaredas... Living Proof That The World Is "Round"

So Paula’s known guests included none other than the Non-House Arrested Red-Head, Phoebe Price, who is also starting her own Reality Show which will also include Paula.  Other guests included the gigantic John Salley, the always charming Mary Carey, and her friend Vicki Lizzie.  Even Legendary Singer Taylor Dayne had to join in on the Birthday festivities.  The craziest part was watching Paula and Mary hug… Not only is Mary like twice the size of the petite Portuguese, but I swear it looked like Mary’s boobs were gonna swallow Paula whole… which I’m sure most men in the world wish they could do.

Paula The Portuguese Pixie Living Large With John Salley


John Salley gets a close look at the Birthday Girls Muffins... Cupcakes Are Overrated


I would have to say, the party was loads of fun… Not to mention the incredibly naughty creative cupcakes.. .or “Cuff-Cakes” shall I call them, adorned with their very own Peanut Butter Cup flavored Cuffs.  The array of cupcakes also included Hearts (melted from Paula’s sexy gazes), Stars (indicative of Paula’s Supernova Status) and… well, who cares about cupcakes… Paula was looking hott !!

Paula Labaredas and Camilla Lim.. They won't share their kisses with you or with them

Paula Labaredas And Todd Phillipps Giving Their Oral Support For "Lucky Tiger Films"

And speaking of cupcakes, we got a chance to get a lucky glimpse at those World Famous Muffins of hers, in an apparently transparent dress that gives real meaning to her recent nickname “The Bare Ass”… Some eyes have all the luck !

I think I just forgot my name

So yeah, the date of Paula’s birth is definitely a moment to be cherished… cause if you have two eyes that can see clearly, you can definitely see that this Birthdate made the World a much more beautiful place.

John Salley, Phoebe Price, Paula Labaredas, Alicia Ann Marie Arden, Mary Carey and Vicki Lizzie... One Big Pappy Family

!! Happy Birthday Paula !! And Many More Where That Came From !!

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Something tells me Paula's Inner Child Just Showed Herself


!! Happy Birthday Paula !! And Many More Where That Came From !!

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!! Happy Birthday To The Priceless And Precious Paula Labaredas !!

!! Happy Birthday Paula !! And Many More Where That Came From !!

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Garry "Prophecy" Sun with Birthday girl Paula Labaredas


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com