Courtney Cox and David Arquette Together Again For “Scre4m” Premiere posted by on April 12, 2011

After all... "Scream" is the movie that started it all

Courtney Cox and David Arquette are together again… To promote the latest installment of the film that started it all for this A-list… whatever you want to call them right now.

Courtney and David first met on the set of the original “Scream” 15 years ago, before it became such a huge franchise.  This film is what started this couple off to become one of Hollywood’s A-List power couples, where even the sale of their Malibu home for $33 Million to Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt, who was still married to Jamie McCourt at the time.  Strangely, they also would see the downfall of their own marriage.  Maybe that Malibu house is cursed !!!  Maybe if you have the word “court” in your name, and you live in that house, you’re destined for divorce “court”.

So Dave and Courtney split last year, or at least gave themselves a trial separation.  Dave obviously became a mess after that, with news of an alleged affair with Jasmine Waltz (who def gets around the Hollywood In-Crowd) and Dave subsequently landing himself in rehab.  I’m sure his drunken stupors were from his lack of Court.  And in recent weeks Courtney’s been seen frolicking on beaches of St. Bart’s with “Cougars” co-star Josh Hopkins.

But even more recently, the two have been (more…)