Lissa Lauria And Her Breakthrough Single & Video “Boys & Girls” posted by on December 20, 2013

Here’s the new video by Lissa Lauria, “Boys & Girls” … the song & video of which both are Independent Works by Lissa & her Production Team.

The video was a collaborative effort between Kim Clement Center & Neumann Films and is Directed by Joel Wasmundt.

The song is Beautifully written by Lissa Luaria & Lucy Graves and touches on the common struggle everybody faces in this world,

of losing or not finding love.

The film starts with Lissa on a rooftop crying, possibly even contemplating reasons for living… when she finds strength

from her inner self & inner child, played by Kylie Goldstein, to realize that these are things we all feel… and we all can still be made whole once again.

The video is already nearing 200,000 views in just 4 short days, and was even Trending on YouTube’s Music Page right next to

Lady Gaga and John Mayer’s Song featuring Katy Perry, “Who You Love

This is Clearly going to be a Breakout Single & Video that will touch Many Lives who need Strength.

Congratulations to Lissa Lauria & Her Entire Team of Creative Artists

Boys & Girls... It's About That Time

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