The World Continues To Forever Mourn The Loss Of Tupac Shakur posted by on September 13, 2013

How Long Will They Mourn Me ?? Until The End Of Time

The Most Powerful Dude to Ever walk this Earth left this place 17 years ago today after the Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon fight at the MGM Grand Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas.

When he was alive he released the song “How Long Will They Mourn Me?”… And I really have to stop and wonder if he ever knew, he had to have known… that this World would Mourn his Loss forever ?

It has now been 17 years and his Presence continues to Grow as a Mainstaple of our World and Human Society… He remains a Figure that is so Beloved, he even had a Hologram version of himself perform to remind people just how much we all screwed up when we allowed situations to escalate to where he could no longer be here.

Yes, Our World would be Completely Different.  Thoughts of it are just as useless as any battle against Destiny and the Past.  We can only Hope that our World can continue to grow from his Message of Change and over coming Social Injustices, especially in the American War Zones of Urban Inner Cities.. all the way to the Military Industrial Complex that is our Nation… Blindly Financing Wars of Tyranny across the Globe.

This is who 2Pac is and Forever will be in our World and in our Human History.  HE will Forever be that One Dude, that everyone wishes was still here.

There will Never be Another to come Even Close… Even to this Day.

I can only be thankful that I have had the chance to be involved in the lives of those that were once close with him, and that I have the chance to be there for them as well.

Ray Luv, Leila Steinberg, E.D.I. Mean, Amanda Rushing, Mopreme Shakur are People who were involved in Pac’s Early Life and Friends with Him to this Day, continuing to Honor his Memory in all they do and in remembrance of him.

And if there’s anything I could ever do to be there for any of them who have so welcomed me into their life… God and Pac Knows I would.

We Miss You Pac, and Your Message Continues to Remain the Most Powerful Hip-Hop and Our World has Ever Heard.

As your Mark on this Planet Continues Grow as the Rest of us Remain…

Just Remember this Face… and Save Us a Place in Thugz Mansion

Tupac and Ray Luv.. Early Days In Marin City

Chillin with Ray Luv, Karina Smirnoff & Lindsay Rielly

Prophecy & E.D.I. Mean.. The Prophet & The Hope Dealer

Tupac & Leila Steinberg

Tupac and Amanda Rushing

Tupac – Until The End Of Time by elmokozo

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Karina Smirnoff, Ray Luv and Lindsay Rielly… Infinity Poolside posted by on September 30, 2012

These 3 Angels Formed A Super Hero's Force / Bringin Joy To A Boy Named Royce On His 4th

Here’s Karina Smirnoff, Ray Luv and Lindsay Rielly enjoying the Sunset… Infinity Poolside at a Massive Estate overlooking The Riviera Country Club in Santa Monica, California.

The 3 Celebrated Lindsay’s Son’s 4th Birthday, Royce, who is also Karina’s God Son.

The Blessed Child celebrated his 4th Birthday at a Super-Hero’d Out Estate overlooking the Riviera Country Club in Santa Monica, with this Amazing Infinity Pool Fit For Eternally Blessed Souls like the ones you see here.

Nuff Said Potna

I Think I See Heaven

Aahhllrighty Then

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo: SunOfHollywood.com


Photo: SunOfHollywood.com