The Cox-Pitt Rides Into The Danger Zone… Breaking The Aniston Barrier posted by on May 5, 2011

Crash Landing !! Crash Landing !! Danger Zone !! May Day !!

Two people… Too close to Jennifer Aniston.

Last night circumstances would have it that both Courteny Cox and Brad Pitt would decide to dine at the same spot… Eva Longoria’s Beso in Hollywood.

From what we know, the two of them were not having dinner together.  They were both there with their own parties.  But you know Jennifer Aniston was with them in spirit.  Those two locking eyes could’ve done nothing but make both of them think of Jen, their most precious “Friend“.

So even though Jennifer and Brad haven’t crossed paths in years, you know for a fact, at least after last night, they’ll both be on each other’s minds.

Especially if they read this