Did Apple Just Take A Bite Out Of Nokia? Nokia Cutting 7,000 Jobs Starting In 2012 posted by on April 27, 2011

Oh Nokia... How we used to love you

That’s if our world even survives that long.

Nokia announced that it will be letting go of 7,000 jobs, 4,000 direct jobs from their company worldwide, and 3,000 jobs will be transferred to outsourcing and consulting firm, Accenture.

While Nokia was at one era a favorite amongst standard handheld cell phones, they have seen a dramatic drop in their market share, as it has lagged behind in the Smartphone industry as dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Blackberry.

Nokia has also seen their Symbian system as far less popular than the Android operating system by Google, but has recently signed a deal with Microsoft and will start producing Smartphones with their Operating System.

This decision to cut 7,000 jobs was deemed as necessary by the company in order to make the head way it needed into the Smartphone market.  Considering that Smartphones are the standard in cell phones these days, I’m pretty sure Nokia’s decision to do this was do or die.