The World Says Goodbye To Rodney King… The Icon Of Our Nation’s Injustice posted by on June 18, 2012

We Will Never Forget The Trials Of Your Life. They Are The Reflection Of Our Unjust Nation

The Man Who Became An Icon Of Our Nation’s Injustice, Rodney King, Passed Away on Father’s Day, June 17th, 2012, just one day after Tupac’s Birthday.

Rodney passing on the day after Tupac’s Birth is no accident, as Tupac himself was moved by Rodney King’s Life, and the Ensuing Riots that occurred on April 29th, 1992, after all officers were acquitted of any wrongdoing.

Rodney King became the very image of Injustice in America, and the fact that we live in a Very Very Deceptive Nation Where Inequality And Injustice Rule, Though We Think We’ve Grown Since The Days of Slavery.

Wake Up. We Have A Long Way To Go.  Our World Is Still Lost. Stop Fooling Yourselves.



“Screwiddit” by Prophecy

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com


Remembering The Rodney King Riots… 20 Years Later posted by on April 29, 2012

April 29th, More Power To The People.. And We Might Just See A Sequel

20 years ago today, 4 Police Officers were acquitted of all wrongdoing in a Los Angeles Courtroom (Justice System Remains The Same), for nearly beating Rodney King to Death.. Prompting an outraged community to create the loudest Uproar of our Modern Nation, to be televised Live from the corner of Florence and Normandie in South Central Los Angeles.

What was seen later was an event that shaped the lives of many people in the Los Angeles Area, no matter what your Race or Age, You Felt the World Change that day.  You woke  to smoke filled skies as Pillars of Fire raged.  You saw images of Rifles drawn, National Guard called into the streets you call home.  And in those days, you may have finally realized that we are not in a world of peace.  We are in a World at War.  Because if events such as these were the first you had ever seen of it, you fail to recognize that our World sees these as daily events, and mild in the sense of street massacres experienced every moment, that we never see.

In these days, I realized we lived in a world that was NOT Equal.  These were days that were the most remembered in my life.  Feeling like the world was over, within the borders of what some would like to call “The City Of Angels“.

In A World where Oppression continues, and never ends, there are always moments where the Oppressed rises up over their Oppressors.  It is inevitable in these types of treatment to any man or woman.

I do feel we have seen much change in the last 20 years.  It seemed as if we had moved into a much better place.  But now with events such as the loss of Trayvon Martin, we wonder if our world has continued to not change at all.  And this is now beyond the events of Race Wars… this just speaks of the overall loss of Soul and Humanity from our Society.  We thought we would have learned to change our ways by now, after having already lost our great Minds and Revolutionaries, such as Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr…. and the Greatest Messenger from those living in this realm, Tupac Shakur… who expressed his thoughts on being a Black Man in the Racist American Land on his song “Holla If Ya Hear Me

Oh No I Won’t Turn The Other Cheek

In Case You Didn’t See That’s Why We Burned The Other Week

It was times like Those and Thoughts Like These That Made This World And This Life Unique

At least in my opinion.

And in my opinion, The Hip-Hop Movement that was birthed of such a World,

Is Empowered by what it has experienced, and how it has expressed it.

My thoughts on April 29th, 1992 were written in my song “Our Own Home”

Which spoke of this War Zone In Our Own Home.

Is This same World that has shaped You And Me,

And The Reason I speak As The Prophecy



92 April 29th, More Power To The People

Exit Out The Front Door To A World Less Equal

It Needs.. No Introduction As The Odors Of A Burning Land

Has Got my Legs Shakin’ Now They Feeble.

But Now We Know No Evil.  Forget The “Hearin” “Speakin” Or “Sayin”

Even Vigilante Store-Owners Got They Techs Sprayin


Mobbin Mentalists.  Versus Right Wing Fundamentalists

The Top 2 On The Rival Street Credential List

They Make A Pact Of Unity, For Gettin’ Back Community

No Man Is Safe, Not Even With Diplomatic Immunity

Who Could It Be ? Oppressed Over Oppressor

No Man Will Ever Willingly Say “Yes Sir!” Forever

Revolutionary, Gettin’ Scary, “Any Means Necessary”

Repercussions, Narrow Minds Committin’ Hari Kari

The City Of The Angels Got The Devils Comin Out

Executive Declares The Air A New Apocalypse Now

- “Our Own Home” by Prophecy

Peace Be With You.  Learn From Our Mistakes.

And Seize The Days To Lead The Way.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Prince William And Kate Middleton To Marry On Anniversary Of The Rodney King Riots posted by on April 25, 2011

If you two can eat KFC... You should respect April 29th

Not forrealz… Them is just look-alikes.

But hey, maybe the fake Prince William and the fake Kate Middleton ought to let the real couple know that they’re about to get married this Friday… on the 19th Anniversary of the L.A. Rodney King Riots.

I understand they’re Brits, and probably don’t realize the date they chose… But would you want to get married on such a date that is forever solidified as one of the most historic moments of Civil Unrest in America?

I know I wouldn’t.  I’d be afraid our marriage would burn.

Coincidence? Yes or No?

I will share with you a verse from one of my songs, “Our Own Home“, detailing the Rodney King Riots, and you tell me if you would want your wedding on this day:

’92 April 29th, More power to the people

Exit out the front door to a world less equal.. It needs

No introduction as the odors of a burning land

has got my legs shakin’, now they feeble

But now we know no evil, forget the hearin’, speakin’ or sayin’

Even Vigilante store owners got their Tech’s sprayin’

Pandemonium. Mobbin’ mentalists versus Right Wing Fundamentalists

The top two on the rival street credential list

They make a pact of unity, for gettin’ back community

No man is safe, not even with Diplomatic Immunity

Who could it be? Oppressed over Oppressor

No man will ever willingly say, “Yes Sir” forever

Revolutionary, Gettin’ Scary, Any Means Necessary

Repercussions, Narrow Minds, Committin’ Hari Kari

The City of the Angels got the Devils Comin’ Out

Executive declares the air a new Apocalypse now

“Our Own Home”

- Prophecy