Meet Philippe Chow Beverly Hills, The Chinese-Luxe Eatery Relocated And Ready For Business! posted by on August 12, 2014

Since opening its doors in 2009, Philippe Chow has built a sound reputation as an unforgettable dining experience and excellent place for Celebrity Star Gazing.  The close of 2013 saw the Hotspot Relocate to Beverly Hills, and we’re glad to report that it’s Business as usual.

Known worldwide for its signature hand-pulled noodles, peking duck and bold red and black decor, Philippe’s remains a key place to see and be seen for Pop Culture’s Elite and Socialites alike.  Megastars including Oprah Winfrey (who once openly named the restaurant her favorite), Drake, Kobe Bryant, and Nicki Minaj turn to Philippe’s when anything else just won’t do.  On any given visit you could find yourself sharing a seerver with Kevin Hart, bump into Ryan Seacrest at Valet, or Keep up with your favorite Kardashian, as a new crop of A-Listers continue to frequent this establishment.

It’s also no Surprise to see with all this Fanfare over their Food and Trendy Ambience, that Philippe Chow has been the Chosen Destination for many Entertainment Industry Events and Red Carpet Parties.

Under the Leadership of Entertainment Mogul/Owner Manny Halley, the Chinese-Luxe eatery is evolving to meet itsGrowing Demand, while simultaneously preparing for continuing Brand Expansion.

Follow Philippe Chow on Twitter @PhilippeChowBH and Instagram at @PhilippeChowBeverlyHills

For more information, to see their Online Menu or Make Online Reservations be sure to visit their Website at PhilippeChowBH.com

Visit their new location at 8620 Wilshire Blvd.  Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211

For phone reservation call 310.289.3500310.289.3500

Ann Merin Helps Melissa Rycroft And Ryan Seacrest Bridge The Gap Between Country Music And Hollywood posted by on February 17, 2012

Ann Merin Is Set To Tackle Marriages, Genres And All Situations

Just Call It The Bridge Over Seacrest...

Ann Merin has just been enlisted by Melissa Rycroft to help share her life to the world as she heads to Tinseltown to make the transition from Country Music Star to Hollywood Celebrity… all while maintaining her relationship with husband Tye Strickland. The show is produced by the King of RealityRyan Seacrest.

Ann has been the leading personality on TLC’sWedding Day Makeover” as beauty stylist Guru, and I’m pretty sure her experience with weddings and marriages are going to make her a great help as Melissa juggles her marriage and career from long distance.

Check out Ann has she struts her stuff on the Red Carpet at OK Magazine’s party at Tru Hollywood, which saw performances by Flo Rida and Pia Toscano.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Julianne Hough And Kristen Bell Are Packin Heat… To Benefit “Teens For Jeans” posted by on January 11, 2012

Hotties Packin Heat, Bringin Hope To Teens Gettin Back On Their Feet

Julianne Hough and Kristen Bell came out to support “Teens For Jeans“, The Annual Campaign Sponsored by DoSomething.org an Aeropostale which is geared towards receiving and Donating Jeans to Homeless teens and children.  The Event was held at Palihouse in West Hollywood.

And were these two packin heat !! And I’m not just talking about the fact that these are two of the hottest blondies with beautiful smiles in the Entertainment Industry… Although that is also true.


Nope, they’re packin heat in the form of endless pairs of denim in all shapes, styles, sizes and colors.  And if you knew the story behind it, you would definitely find the move to be quite admirable.  What a lot of people may not know is that 1 in every 3 Homeless people are under the age of 18.  And Apparently peeps at DoSomething.org asked around at Homeless Shelters what their Homeless kids needed most?  And for some strange reason the overwhelming response was “A Pair Of Jeans“.

Somebody Looks A Little Excited To See Somebody Else

Now while some people may not think a pair of jeans is a huge deal, in the end, it’s about what that pair of jeans signifies.  It signifies being just like any other kid or teen out there, and not being without a pair of stylish jeans that makes you just like everyone else out there in the world of your peers.  Which is definitely something that those in their positions need more than anything, is to feel like everyone else growing up around them.

Endless Amounts Of Denim Overfloweth

Zachary Alexander Rice Finds Out What It's Like To Be Around Super Hot Chicks

So from January 16th to February 12th, you can visit any Aeropostale Store and donate any pair of jeans, no matter the brand or size, and even receive a discount on a new pair of jeans from Aeropostale.

Have A Hope And A Smile

So yeah, I guess in the end, Julianne and Kristen were packin’ more than Heat… What they were really packin was Hope.


Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

Video: WorldMonitor.TV

[vsw id=”QLYMzpz7Q9U” source=”youtube” width=”525″ height=”320″ autoplay=”no”]

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

Video: WorldMonitor.TV

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photos: SunOfHollywood.com

Video: WorldMonitor.TV


EXCLUSIVE: Jasmine Waltz Takes David Spade Out On A “Crafty” Birthday Date posted by on July 22, 2011

Who's The REAL Crafty One?

!!! It’s David Spade’s 47th Birthday today… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID !!!

And David decided to usher in his big day with none other than Jasmine Waltz. U know Jasmine Waltz… If you don’t, learn how to use a search engine.

A Trick From The "Birthday Media Switch" Playbook... A Dropping Of The Keys

So yeah, David and Jasmine spent the night having dinner at “Craft“, a restaurant in Century City. David probably chose Century City to try to steer clear from any possible media attention.

Not while I’m in town.

Another Trick From The "Birthday Media Switch" Playbook... Distance Your Date

So David tries to get “Crafty“, when he spotted the two weren’t alone. He practically pushed Jasmine out the way to separate and create distance between himself and her, and even tried dropping his keys for further distraction.

But we know what’s up. Mr. Comedic Playboy himself, using tricks from his Playbook, to throw us off from his Birthday Playmate.

You're Not As Dumb As You Look.... But Neither Are We

Nice try David, better luck next time, when Prophecy aint in town.


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

EXCLUSIVE: Before Mother’s Day Is Over… Here’s What The World Really Thinks Of 2 Reality TV Show Moms posted by on May 8, 2011

Daaamn !!! Looks like Kris Jenner and Lynn Patridge need to clean up their act

Wow… this is just downright sad.

So ya know, anybody who has a blog site can get their statistics measured in many different ways.  One of those ways, is how people found your blog site after searching you out on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

And these two common themes keep popping up on how people are finding my site, which of course has only been up for about 5 weeks now.

1) Kris Jenner is Greedy

2) Lynn Patridge Alcoholic

So to the mother’s of the Kardashian Klan and Audrina Patridge

Please clean up your act.  Sad to say, you may be on TV and all, but this is what the public really thinks of you.

These search terms, or terms like it keep coming up.  They literally stare me down in the face each and every day.

And sadly, the terms “Lynn Patridge Alcoholic” keeps climbing, and not a day goes by where I don’t see it.

Ladies, you’re embarassing your daughters.


Exclusive Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Paula Abdul Finalized As The Fourth X-Factor Judge… Cheryl Cole In Town And Ready To Roll posted by on May 8, 2011

Its.. About.. To Go.. Down

Paula Abdul has just finalized her deal with Simon Cowell and his new monster machine, “X-Factor“.  Paula will be joining Simon, Antonio “L.A.” Reid, and Cheryl Cole as judges.

Cheryl flew into Los Angeles yesterday, and the entire judge panel is set to hit downtown Los Angeles today, for auditions for the show.

Will you be there?


Nicole Scherzinger Set To Host “X-Factor” posted by on May 3, 2011

She can be my X-Factor any day :)

Simon Cowell’s looking like he’s trying to have another hist TV show on his hands, cause X-Factor is getting poppin !!

Not only did we just recently find out that he’s bringin’ on two fine ladies.. Paul Abdul and Cheryl Cole, but now we find out he’s bringing on EVEN FINER NICOLE SCHERZINGER !!!

Nicole is set to be the host of X-Factor, and thank God he didn’t decide to go with another Metrosexual Ryan Seacrest type.

Ya know, when you look at Paula, Cheryl, Nicole, and Simon’s former girlfriend, Terry Seymour, I would have to say I think we’ve found Simon’s type.

I aint mad atchya Simon.  Fill up the roster with more of “your type” please, and I will tune in !!


NKOTBSB = “New Kids On The Backstreet Boys”… Do They Know What They’re Sayin’ Right There ?? posted by on April 28, 2011

How dare i make fun of such staunch supporters

So I’m sure everybody saw the performance of NKOTBSB on DWTS.  And while everybody seemed to get lost in the hypnosis of the OIJPOAIDJFKLJA style letters and acronyms, somebody in PR should’ve realized what they were really saying here.

I understand NKOTB ends in B, and BSB starts with B, so you would think it’s the logical place to link the two names (or acronyms of names) together to form your super group.  But what you’re really saying is:


Umm… Okay, yeah you should’ve thought that one through gentlemen. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “Boy Band”.

And maybe that ‘s what they always meant by “Backstreet“…

Somewhere Lance Bass is saying “Where do I sign up?”


Photo Credit: WireImage / Kravitz

Kris Jenner’s Mommy Management Pressures Add To Khloe Kardashian’s Insecurities Over Weight posted by on April 25, 2011

Kris... It's time to ease up on your kids.. You all are rich enough as it is

Khloe Kardashian has broken her silence and finally become vocal about how fed up she is with the whole world commenting on her weight.  She has recently made statements that the unrealistic images desired by Hollywood and its Industry make it difficult for her to have a healthy perspective on herself.

“I always get comments on my weight, People (probably her momma) want me to be a certain size. I am a size six, and in the normal world, that is not fat—but to Hollywood, sometimes being a six is way too big. But when the world literally gets on you every single day and tells you, ‘You’re fat, you’re fat, you’re fat,’ eventually you are going to break and agree.”

But what stands out most are Khloe’s statements regarding her Mother, Kris Jenner’s pressure to succeed, especially as it is directly correlated with the success of one of their endorsement brands, QuickTrim.

“The reason why I blew up was because my mom told me that I am too fat and that I am ruining what we all worked for. We have a brand, QuickTrim and this and that—and that I am ruining all of the that single-handedly. To have that pressure and to have someone tell you that, I snap and I break down and I cry.

“My weight has been a struggle for me my entire life, and I know it will always be a struggle for me, but I try to be healthy, diet and exercise as best as I could. Everyone falls off every now and then, but I am trying to live a healthy life and do what is best for me.”

While I’ve joked around about Kris Jenner pimping out her kids, it is clear now that the driving force behind the Kardashian family powerhouse has begun to go overboard.  Truth be told, the family made $65 Million Dollars last year.  How much do you think they made before that?  Maybe $30 Million?  What about the year before that?  Maybe $15 Million?

So conceivably, the family has netted, Oh, I would say about $100 Million over the course of the last 3 years.  That’s a huge amount of money, in a very short amount of time.

If Khloe wants to sit on her non-skinny ass a little longer, she might as well.  I can see how it would be a problem with QuickTrim.  Either the pills work, and Khloe’s not taking them, or the pills don’t work. And it doesn’t help that her older but smaller sister is Kim Kardashian. Well, in the end, we know none of the Kardashian sisters are taking QuikTrim, and it’s all about the loot.. (that’s L$$T in the eyes of the greedy).

And in the end, it’s looking like Khloe really has the last laugh.  Because when everybody was trying to hook Khloe up with a date, and couldn’t, she still managed to somehow nab herself an NBA Champion faster than Kim and Kourtney can maintain a steady, normal-minded boyfriend.

Props Khloe.  Tell your moms to ‘SHUTYERTRAP“… OR “SHUTHOLE

Photo: www.SunOfHollywood.com

Updated Commentary: Not to say that this would be a guaranteed instance to occur.. but let’s say perhaps one day we find the long term effects of QuickTrim is something like a Hydroxycut, where people realize the formulas in these diet pills / weight burners may have harmful health risks. Not to say this may happen, but it definitely can when you’re dealing with any type of pill of this nature.

Should that happen, maybe Kris would realize her folly in losing her daughter’s relationship, even though she was the only one to keep you from being attached to a brand that you are disappointed in. Sorta like a prepaid MasterCard, only lives could be lost.

Rule to all: Never let business come in between family. We all will eventually have to pass on from this world, and when that time happens, you’ll wish you never let the business tear you apart from the only real thing you had, and that was the lives and hearts of your loved ones

Paula Abdul And Cheryl Cole To Complete The X-Factor Judge Panel posted by on April 24, 2011

The Judge Panel On X-Factor Just Got A Whole Lot Cuter

The deal is pretty much complete, and it looks like Simon Cowell is going to be bringing a few old friends on board to join the judge panel of the American version of X-Factor. American Idol pal Paula Abdul, and British X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole, also from British girl group “Girls Aloud

The two hotties will be joining Simon and Antonio “L.A.” Reid as the 4 judge to complete the American X-Factor judge panel.

With this confirmation, it looks like Simon’s got himself a perfect plan.  He has told people that L.A. Reid was his No. 1 choice for a judge on X-Factor.  But reuniting Paula is a great move considering her abrupt departure from American Idol, which many speculated was due to financial negotiations over her contract.  In addition, Cheryl was apparently broken-hearted when Simon had claimed he only wanted Americans to be the judge on X-Factor.

Maybe Simon was just keeping his own X-Factor up his sleeve in Cheryl Cole.  And being that Simon has such an overbearing personality as a judge, the 3 of them look like they may have a pretty balanced panel.

Are you excited for the show to begin?  Auditions across America have already begun

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