Sneak Peek : On Set Of DJ Kay Slay’s “My Brother’s Keeper” With Outlawz & Onyx posted by on April 28, 2014

Real Hip-Hop Returns Only When A Chosen Few Are In One Room.

Those few are Outlawz & Onyx on the Ridiculously Fire DJ Kay Slay Track “My Brother’s Keeper“.

We caught up with the two Legendary Crews and one can’t help but feel the Power of the Legacy finding it’s way in the Spirit of the Room.

Through the Smoke & Lights Fredro Starr gave the Rundown of why the Song is so Special, and So Real when it comes to the Standards of Pure Hip-Hop.

And Homage is Paid to Jam Master Jay and Tupac.Shakur

Fredro’s Energy that Introduced the world to Onyx on the first verse of Slam is only Refined and Strengthened on this cut. The Presence of Thug Life Tradition is Carried on as Hussein Fatal & Young Noble Speak their Peace.

Edidon came thru to Complete the Makavellian Puzzle with Nuttso.… But anybody who thinks they can compete needs to watch for a Trigger Happy Sticky Fingaz.

You just Might Breathe Your Last.

“My Brother’s Keeper”

Behind The Scenes & Official Music Video Coming Soon


Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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