Okay, Okay. More From “Bob Hope” Formerly Known As Bob Saget And Hope Dworaczyk posted by on May 7, 2011

We're onto your little secret Bob... Don't think we don't see Hope in the middle of the "Circle of Crazies"

Since Everybody keeps frickin buggin me about this damn “Bob Hope” crap, Here ya go.

Bob Saget.  Hope Dworaczyk.  One is more than twice the other.  In years.

Collectively, they keep Bob Hope Alive.  Here’s “Prophecy” calling Bob Hope on the fly.

Yes, that is my screamin a$$.  And what.

Thanks to my man Perry and PopCandiesTV for capturing the moment


Donald Trump The MASTER deBATER Fu@ks In Vegas posted by on April 30, 2011

The MASTER deBATER fu@ks the Apprentice in Vegas

Donald Trump showed all apprentices why he’s the “MASTER deBATER” in Vegas, and dropped quite a few F-Bombs along the way.  “The Bronze Dons” as I like to call him (with his fake tan to match the fake hair), was giving a speech at a reception hosted by two Republican women’s groups in the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino, further alluding to a possible bid in the 2012 presidential election.

As if to plant the seed, Donald said that if he were President, he would be the one man who decides to stand up against OPEC and the rising price of oil, stating:

“They (OPEC) want to go in and raise the price of oil because we have nobody in Washington that sits back and says you’re not going to raise that fu@cking price, you understand me?”

First off, I don’t think he’ll make it to Washington.  Second, if he did make it to Washington, I doubt he would say that to OPEC. Third, if he did say that to OPEC, I doubt they would keep the price of oil low.

That’s just all campaign talk trying to appeal to your potential voters by playing into their current problems.  He did so again by discussing the War in Iraq when he said:

“We build a school, we build a road. They blow up the road. They blow up the school. We build another school, we build another road, they blow them up.  We build again, in the meantime we can’t get a fu@king school built in Brooklyn.”

Get it?  He’s totally playing the role ain’t he?

Trump was also in town for Steve Wynn‘s wedding, and has expressed the nation will know his decision for the 2012 election by June.

BTW… who told him it would be okay to drop F-bombs in front of a whole slew of old white republican women?  That’s like the last crowd you wanna do that to.



Donald Trump Hopes To Beat Barack Obama “Straight Up” And Not On Birth Certificate Issues posted by on April 7, 2011

Donald Trump Hopes To Win The Presidency From A Fair Fight

It’s looking like President Barack Obama’s bid for re-election is already starting to see its worthy opponents.

The star of NBC’s Apprentice, and Real Estate Tycoon, Donald Trump said he will make a decision by June whether or not he will choose to be a Republican candidate for U.S. Presidency in the 2012 election… If we ever get there.

However Trump has stated that (more…)