Watertown On Lockdown… 1 Bomb Suspect And 1 Police Officer Dead posted by on April 19, 2013

It's Goin Down


Update: The Associated Press is Reporting that the 2 Suspects are Brothers from Chechnya.  The surviving suspect is identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev

Watertown, Massachusetts is on Lock Down after the 2 Current Boston Marathon Bomb Suspects have been spotted, with 1 Suspect already shot and Killed after a shootout with Police in Watertown, and the Suspect was found with Explosives on his body. Authorities fear the 2nd Suspect may also have Explosives on his body. There was also 1 Campus Police Officer for MIT was shot and killed on Campus.

Public Transportation, Subways, Buses and Businesses have all been shut down as Members of the ATF, The FBI and Boston Police have all joined the Manhunt for the 2nd Suspect.

Authorities have asked that Residents DO NOT Leave their home unless Police have ordered to do so. Police are going Door to Door to Houses

Boston University, Harvard, MIT, Emerson College has closed classes today. Boston Public Schools have also closed for the day, including all Athletic Events.

The Authorities have asked all people in the Surrounding areas to not go to school or work, as The Entire City is Shut down during this Manhunt.


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