Johnny Depp Joins Steven Tyler & Aerosmith On Stage posted by on December 4, 2012

Party Time !!

Johnny Depp has been letting his inner Rocker out lately, and continued the trend by joining Aerosmith & Steven Tyler on Stage at the Staples Center last night strumming electric guitars.

Being Sandwiched Between Women Means You're Not Lost Boy

The Aerosmith Crew then took the Afterparty to Pink Taco in Hollywood, where they were joined by Corey Feldman, Vikki Lizzi and Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff. Unfortunately, Edward Scissorhands.. or in this case, Guitarhands, didn’t make it out to Pink Taco. Perhaps he was afraid to get bombarded by Autograph hounds, fans and photographers like Steven did. I’m sure it didn’t help that Steve announced the location of the Afterparty to the entire Staples Center.

I’m sure that freaked him out. No need for Fear & Loathing in Los Angeles Johnny.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photos: SunOfHollywood.com



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