Kim Kardashian Posts Phone Conversation Between Kanye West And Taylor Swift… Legal Threats Fly posted by on July 18, 2016

So Kim Kardashian decided it was time to post an allegedly secretly recorded phone conversation between husband Kanye West and arch nemesis Taylor Swift.  This is apparently the infamous phone conversation Kim claimed had occurred when Kanye asked Taylor if she would approve of his lyrics for “Famous“.

Here’s the thing… Taylor did says she didn’t know Kanye would say “I Made That Bitch Famous”… and in the video, you can only see Kanye asking about the “Sex” with Taylor Swift line.

So technically Taylor’s account of the phone conversation is true…. But here’s the kicker.  If Taylor was never told she was being recorded in the phone conversation, the video is technically illegal.  This leaves Taylor with an option to sue Kanye, sue Kim, and file a Federal Criminal Complaint, as this type of behavior falls under Federal Wire Tapping Laws.

Now there’s beef flying everywhere.  It will be really interesting to see how this moves forward.

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

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