EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Tisdale Treats Herself And Gets Her A$$ Waxed posted by on June 10, 2011


Ashley Tisdale On The Low


SunOfHollywood.com EXCLUSIVE:

Ashley Tisdale decided to treat herself today, by stopping at a corner in Sherman Oaks just off Coldwater Canyon and Riverside that’s apparently loaded with all sortsa interesting “Treats.

She first stopped by “Cafe Treats” to pick herself up some form of caffeinated morning libation.

Then she managed to oh so conveniently walk herself next door to “Treats For The Face”, which is not only a Spa and a Salon, but get this, it’s a frickin Clothing Botique too !!!


Treats For Your Face

Holy Crap !!

And if that wasn’t enough, they’re apparently a partnership business run by the same peeps, so you don’t even have to walk out of Cafe Treats to go to “Treats For The Face, cause there’s a walkway that connects both establishments.



And Cafe Treats For Treats To Escape

Then you can even walk your a$$ back next door, through the walkway, with your coffee, and you too can get your a$$ waxed, cause they have their own Self-Proclaimed “(A)Esthitician To The Stars”, ready to rip you to shreds.  Esthitician to the Stars…

Possibly even for Ashley Tisdale?  Hmm…

Then you can take your waxy spray drippin tanned a$$ with a coffee for some new treats… and top it all off with the treat below.  That sounds like the new Adult Disneyland if you ask me homey.


Holy Crap That's A Bigazz Treat !!!!



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