Big Pimpin’ Jerry Buss Is Still Livin’ Like A Rock Star posted by on July 19, 2011

Dr. Big Pimpin Jerry Bu$$ Is Still Helping Define Young Hollywood

Dr. “Big Pimpin” Jerry Buss reminded us this weekend exactly why we’ve given him that name. Dude is “THE MAN“.

And when I say he’s the man, i’m speaking lightly. Few in this world and in our time are able to have achieved the level of success as this man has in all his endeavors which of course include being one of the NBA’s Greatest Franchise Owners of All Time by leading the Los Angeles Lakers to their Historic Career. But what makes his presence even more overwhelming, is seeing how many people are enamored by him, want to give him a hug, shake his hand or take a picture, and Jerry so graciously obliges, with every one who tries. Now that is something that definitely makes him “THE MAN“.

Jennifer Braff: Don't You Wish Your Exec Assist Was Hot Like This ?

Dr. Jerry Buss and Phoebe Price

The EC Twins Will Have You Seeing Double On The 1's and 2's

Miguel Nunez Jr., The Right Hand Man

And of course, we’re not the only ones who think he’s “THE MAN”… Apparently everyone who attended the 2011 Tribute Gala In Honor Of Jerry Buss at GLOW Ultra Lounge in the Marina Del Ray Marriott seemed to think so as well, which also included SunOfHollywood.com’s Red Hot Resident,  Phoebe Price and Right Hand Man Miguel Nunez Jr. The event was hosted by the amazingly beautiful and talented Jennifer Braff, Jerry’s Executive Assistant and friend of 20 years, as well as a star on NBC’s show Age Of Love. And not only was Jennifer looking stunning, but she gave Big Pimpin Buss the Performance and Serenade of a Lifetime. But you’ll have to check back for Jennifer’s performance, which I would say was definitely the real show !!

Whenever Jerry Buss Is Involved... Someone Always Puts On A Show

So one would definitely say it was an excellent evening, especially since they had The EC Twins spinning for the crowd. But what made this evening most exciting was seeing how Jerry has not only chosen to live his life to the fullest, but he enjoys sharing his blessings with others. During Jennifer’s performance, she was almost brought to tears of how Jerry convinced her to return to College and further her Education. And we’re pretty sure she’s not the only one who Jerry has helped and encouraged to turn their life around.

When asked by CBS Sports what is the secret behind his success, he easily replied “Hard Work“… and I’d probably listen to him if I were you.

Most VIP Tables Can Only Dream Of This Many Women

And in true Rock Star tradition… Jerry Buss was definitely a hit with the ladies. Did he not only have women clamoring over him all around the party, but his VIP Table was definitely filled with women who just want to be around the guy. And who can blame them.

Jerry Buss Policy: No Fan Left Behind

He’s the kind of guy that Dynasties and Legacies are made of… We might as well change his name to Jerry Besst.

Phoebe Price Blows Jerry Buss a SunOfHollywood.com sprinkled Kiss

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Exclusive Photo and Video:  www.SunOfHollywood.com



Exclusive Photo and Video:  www.SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photo and Video:  www.SunOfHollywood.com 

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