Melissa Molinaro… Rippin The Roof Off Of Denver, Colorado posted by on July 30, 2011

Very Few Hearts Are As Big As Melissa's

Melissa Molinaro continued her latest string of promotional appearances and performances by stopping by the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado, for the Grand Opening of Chloe Nightclub.

Melissa was even in agreement, Denver, and especially Chloe, had nothing but beautiful people partying their fine booties off and just enjoying themselves…. we’re talkin’ marriage material

!!! Krackin Outside !!!

!!! Krackin Inside !!!

But of course, leave it to none other than the Angelic Supernova that is Melissa to be sprinkling her beauty all the way from LAX, to Denver, and all around the city and the club.

As She Leaps Around From City To City, She Leaves On The Ground Sprinkles Of Beauty

These Days, Everyone Wants To Jump On Melissa's Bandwagon... She Has A Veerrryy Nice BandWagon. ;)

Melissa gave an unforgettable performance of her hit song “Dance Floor“, and the crowd was definitely lovin’ it… And who wouldn’t love watching Melissa in action.

All She Needs Right Now Is The D-D-Dance Floor

So, a SunOfHollywood.com recommendation, if you’re gonna travel, check out Denver and the beautiful sunsets of colorful Colorado.  And if you’re in Denver, definitely pop by Chloe, which I would definitely say is probably the hottest spot there now.

And if Melissa is coming to a city near you, you may want to make the trek for an unforgettable sight and performance.

Melissa’s got a load of shows coming up, so we’ll be sure to keep you informed here on SunOfHollywood.com,

as long as you Stay in Tune !!


If You've Ever Seen Her... You Would Hate To See Her Say Goodbye


Exclusive Photos:  www.SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos:  www.SunOfHollywood.com

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