Melissa Molinaro Continues To Shake Us… Last Week Colorado, This Week Vegas posted by on July 31, 2011

Never Ceases To Amaze Us, With A Look Or A Smile, Or A Song Stages

Melissa Molinaro continued the jet-setting ways as “The World’s Most Wanted Woman” to the city of Las Vegas last night, where she performed at Piranha Nightclub for their 5 year Anniversary.  That wasn’t the only celebration that night though… J. Son from Naked Boy News, which has been featured on CNN, was also celebrating his birthday, and he was blessed enough to Have Melissa sing Happy Birthday for him, just as she did for Leo Madrid at Ultra Suede Lounge’s Toybox Opening

Melissa's Brother, Nick Molinaro, The Supernova Herself, And Leo Madrid... All Smiles In The VIP, No Other Way They'd Rather Be

Melissa also gave an amazing performance, which of course included her Hit Song “Dance Floor” that left the entire crowd shakin in their boots.  Melissa has a way of stunning every man woman and child that is in her presence.  And of course she would, she’s The Supernova.

And of course Melissa had to make it a Family Affair as well… Bringing along her Brother, Nick and trusty Sidekick Leo Madrid who hosted the night.  There was also the addition of “Hot Chocolate“, on of the most well known Drag Queens from Las Vegas whom you may recall from Sandra Bullock’s film “Miss Congeniality 2″

Ladies And Gentlemen... Meet Hot !! And Hot Chocolate :)

So yeah, Stay In Tune at SunOfHollywood.com, cause we’ll soon be posting more pics and video of the Beautiful Supernova, Melissa Molinaro, and her amazing performance at Piranha, Las Vegas.


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com 

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