A Salon Story: “To Boom-Boom & Beyond !!!” posted by on September 7, 2011

Gary Madatyan Lands Smack Dab In The Middle Of Some Lip Action From Christina Fulton And Armenian Pop-Singer Emmy Bejanyan

Gary Matadyan Lands Smack Dab In The Middle Of Some Lip Action From Christina Fulton And Armenian Pop-Singer Emmy Bejanyan

Yes, we all know Beverly Hills knows how to get the parties crackin… And we also know that dudes named Gary know what’s up (even if they have differing numbers of r’s in their name).

America's First Top Model


Shauna Sand... I See You !!

Kristina Shannon Getting Her Hair Did By Gary Madatyan

Take for Example Gary Madatyan, who just recently held the Grand Opening of his Boom-Boom & Beyond Salon in Beverly Hills. Now, not only have we already seen The Shannon Twins at Boom-Boom & Beyond, but now we’ve got the Red Carpet Grand Opening that was graced by the presence of Christina Fulton, Janice Dickinson and Shauna Sand, who definitely kept it PG-13.  Strangely, Shauna also brought her young daughters with former hubby Lorenzo Lamas.

Christina Fulton... The Mom Of Rock

But, leave it up to Gary to make sure this party was felt Internationally, by bringing down Armenian Pop Singer, and 2011 Eurovision Armenia Winner, Emmy Bejanyan whose best known for her song “Boom Boom”, just in time for a Gary Madatyan Sandwich.

Christina Fulton And Emma Bejanyan... When Two Worlds combine.. To Boom-Boom And Beyond

And it was refreshing to see Janice have some fun and do her OG Modeling poses, just like in her First Supermodel of The World Days.

So props to Gary and all the Success at Boom-Boom & Beyond, and props for knowing how to throw a party felt by the whooole World Wide Web

Gary Madatyan With Boom-Boom & Beyond Stylist Avalise La Von

One Big Happy Family


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com and Bob Delgadillo


Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com

She Wears Short Shorts… Jessica Hall And Hubby Kyle Carlson Get Their Runyon On posted by on September 7, 2011


Jessica Hall and Husband Kyle Carlson were seen getting their fitness on this Labor Day Weekend, in all its scorching splendor.

The two were spotted doing various exercises and stretches, while goofing around piggy back style. Oh yeah, they also had their Golden Retriever who may have been trying to find a mate of his own.

It’s interesting. Jessica does Satellite Radio for Playboy on Sirius / XM, but when she’s not on Satellite, she’s on the Canyons, or on Kyle…. I meant Piggy Back stoopid

Get Your Mind Outta The Gutter... Just Because She's On Top Of Kyle Doesn't Mean...


Photos: Anthony Monterroti


Photos: Anthony Monterroti