Ron Artest Practices While Meta World Peace Preaches posted by on September 6, 2011

Video: WorldMonitorTV

Forget Practicing What You Preach, cause when It Comes to Meta World Peace, He Practices AND He Preaches.

Ron Artest seems to be loving his Dancing With The Stars Spotlight, and he should definitely enjoy it.  Ron Artest is one of the Best Dudes in the NBA, which is of course is currently on Lockout.

And while Ron is no stranger to fanfare and media attention, let’s just discuss one quick thing.  While Basketball itself is a National and Worldwide sport that is highly adored, one Average Episode of Dancing With The Stars gets just about as many Viewers as your Average Final Game In The NBA, somewhere around 20 Million usually.

So while the NBA is Huge, DWTS is Even Huger.

And Ron makes sure he’s spreading his Meta World Peace duties, by sharing about Equal Rights for Chaz Bono to Dance.

Dance on, and Preach on Brova.


Videos: WorldMonitorTV

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Susan Block And Her Penthouse Full Of Pets posted by on September 6, 2011

Dr. Susan Block Puts On A Helluva Show !!

Emi Addison And Dr. Susan Block Confess Their Desires For Alexis Ford

So last week, I was contacted by Dr. Suzy’s studio peeps, and asked if i can come down to her Penthouse level “Speakeasy” in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday night and film for them.  I figured I’ve never been to Dr. Suzy’s studio, and she did ask me to come by sometime after meeting her with Paula Labaredas at the Girls And Corpses Event… So I figured, Why the fu@k not?  Holy Crap was I in for a surprise.

Alexis Paige Shows Off What She's Got

Alexis Ford Got All The Attention From The Ladies... And Dr. Suzy Loved it

Even Though Taylor Vixen And Holly Randall Stayed On The Sidelines... They Won't Deny It Was One Helluva Ride

The night just so happen to be called “Confessions Of A Penthouse Pet“… Yeah, really.  So she had several ladies of Penthouse there, which consisted of Alexis Ford, Emi Addison, Kayla Paige and Taylor Vixen.  Also in the panel for the day was Erotic Photographer Holly Randall and Author of the Book “Confessions Of The Hundred Hottest Porn Stars” and Penthouse Publicist, Lainie Speiser.. And things definitely got Speisy.

Dr. Suzy with Author And Penthouse Publicist, Lainie Speiser

Everything started out pretty normal and tame.  Dr. Suzy started out with her usual Mystical Monologue, with full Serpent in hands.  Then she began asking the girls about their confessions, and vibrators and dildos started comin out the woodworks by the baskets full.  They were passed around to all the ladies who picked their favorites from the bunch.

Emi Addison Shows The Captain Some Love

Then Dr. Suzy brought Alexis to her bed.  Before you know it, out jumps Emi Addison, who decided to confess her girl crush for Alexis.  And then the full girl-on-girl began.  Kayla joined in and it was, well… Hopefully you saw the webcast on DrSusanBlock.TV, cause I’m sure even words of description here would be too hot for .tv


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com


Exclusive Photos: www.SunOfHollywood.com