SOHH.com Asks For Prophecy’s Top 5 Dead Or Alive Hip-Hop Artists posted by on December 16, 2011


SOHH.com And Garry “Prophecy” Sun Discuss My Top 5 Dead Or Alive… Excluding The Hall Of Famers

SOHH.com asked me who I considered to be my Top 5 Lyricists in Hip-Hop.  In these choices you can NOT choose any member from their “Hall Of Fame“, which are the obvious decisions of dudes who have solidified their stature as top artists of all time.

None can deny the fact that Hip-Hop has been an art form that has allowed for some incredibly ingenious minds to be expressed in such a powerful way.  There are so many artists out there that are incredibly gifted, unique and creative.  But here are the dudes who I felt are those that are also in the realm of the Greatest.



Hall Of Fame

1. Tupac Shakur

2. Big Daddy Kane

3. Eminem

4. Jay-Z

5. Kool G Rap


7. The Notorious B.I.G.

8. Scarface


My Top 5 Dead Or Alive

1. Andre 3000

2. Cee-Lo Green

3. T.I.

4. Ludacris

5. Xzibit

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Be sure to check em out and their other Top 5 Dead Or Alive posts

For those I did not mention of my five, please forgive me.  I will mention you in the next list I make.  ;)

Thanks to SOHH.com and Cyrus Langhorne

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