Ashlee Ricci Is The Sweetest Barbie Girl In The Palms Barbie Suite… Fantasy World posted by on February 26, 2012

Ashlee Ricci Is A Barbie Sweetie In A Fantasy World Where All Are Dreaming

Singer / Actress / and Model Ashlee Ricci is spotted just hangin out and lookin dang hot & sexy in the Barbie Suite at the Fantasy Tower in the Palms Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas.  It’s only natural that Ashlee Ricci, a Playboy Playmate would be hangin out in the Fantasy Tower… Hugh Hefner’s name is only on the Street it stands on.

Boys Could Only Wish For A Lady Love And Joys Like This

Lips Of Bliss

No Need To Roam... Who Needs To Leave The House When Ashlee's At Home

Ashlee’s in town gracing the city with her Presence to Host the National Aerial Pole Art Championship at Rain in the Palms.

The room, which was provided by Bad Kitty Exotic Wear, was host to a huge party that served those who will be participating in Sunday’s Event… And Bad Kitty Owner Trisha Stone even joined in with Ashlee in the Bedtime Festivities.  Then all headed out to Moon on the Top Floor of the Fantasy Tower, appropriately on the floor above the Playboy Lounge, to party the night away before callin it quits for the eve.  Seriously now Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a very serious show today that needs to be tended to.

Ashlee Ricci And Trisha Stone Get A Bit Cuddly Hearin Bad Kitties Moan

Ashlee's Been A Bad... Bad Kitty. What should be her just punishment ? Any suggestions ?????

Just As I Suspected.... Like A Dream

But thankfully for us, Ashlee showed us just why she was chosen to hold down the Fort… and why it is that when it comes to showin off everything you’ve got, nobody does it better than Ashlee Ricci.

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Photos: SunOfHollywood.com