Pick Up The Newly Released “Medicated & Motivated EP” … Available NOW !!! posted by on January 29, 2013

The New Dae Has Begun... With James Wade, Dae One And Snoop Lion

Hip-Hop Heads waitin for the Next Wave of Revolution… Wait no Further !!

The New “Medicated & Motivated EP” by James Wade & Dae One.. Hosted by Snoop Lion is now available at your favorite Online Retailer including iTunes and Amazon, available for immediate download !!

Peep game and don’t be surprised… You knew this time was coming !!

Be sure to pick up dat piff… The “Medicated & Motivated EP” featuring Snoop Lion, E.D.I. Mean, Dead Prez, Big Rube, Cavie, Mac Lucci, Chase Los Angeles, Father Amde of the Watts Prophets, Mac Lucci, QuicTaMac and Smokey Lane

Game On

If you Aynt Seen This... Then You Aynt Seen Nuffin Yet !!!

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com 

Feel The Vibe
The Life Of Hip-Hop Is About To Change.. It's About To Get Medicated & Motivated
    The Latest Hip-Hop Asteroid Is about To Explode Upon Impact when It reaches Earth on January 29th 2013 !! Cause "Medicated & Motivated"... A Ridiculous Hip-Hop ...
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Snoop Dogg Wants You To Pick Up That “Medicated & Motivated EP” Hosted by Snoop Lion
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As History Is Made.. Legends Live On
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This Aynt Yer Typical Tuesday.. But When You're With Prophecy These Type Of Things They Happen Every Day
Life is a Whirlwind of Adventure if you Take Hold of Every Moment to Make the Most of it. Tuesdays are Typical... Just Like Any day ...
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Medicated & Motivated: The New Hip-Hop Revolution
Snoop Dogg Wants You To Pick Up That “Medicated & Motivated EP” Hosted by Snoop
Edidon’s “Real Talk Show” : MC Eiht Reveals Tupac’s Frustrations With “Menace II Society”
Typical Tuezdayz With Prophecy featuring Jessica Hall, Coolio, AnnaLynne McCord & Nikki Leigh


Peep More Game

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