Dubai Police Want To Question Justin Bieber For Setting Off 6 Speed Cameras posted by on May 7, 2013


If it’s ONE THING You Don’t Fu@k With.. It’s the Government in Dubai.

So Justin Bieber is out in Dubai, performing for Sheikh’s and young females.  His Camp is apparently trying their best to keep him out of clubs and trouble.. but leave it up to Justin Bieber to circumvent your own camp.. and find trouble somehow.

Bieber is renting a White Lamborghini, i guess so he can feel like home there, and was apparently driving around quite quickly on the streets just hours after being attacked on stage.  He was on Sheikh Zayed Road in the United Arab Emirates, where there are AT LEAST SIX SPEED CAMERAS.. and Justin Allegedly set off every one of them !!

And now they’re saying he could be brought in for questioning by the Police in Dubai.  Well, we all know Justin’s been feeling like he owns the World lately.  Maybe Dubai will remind him that he really doesn’t.

And realistically.. he needs to check himself hard.  With being a Young Teenager whose Brain Clearly hasn’t Developed yet.. and being behind the pedal of such lethally fast vehicles.. he better get checked soon before someone else loses their life.

Rest In Paradise Chris Guerra

Story developing.

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