Could Justin Bieber Go Down For Felony Hit And Run ???? posted by on June 18, 2013

It's.. About.. To Go.. Down !!

Well folks..

It’s lookin’ like the inevitable has just occurred outside of the Laugh Factory in Hollywood just a few hours ago…

Justin Bieber looks to be involved in what is alleged to be a Hit And Run, in which Justin Bieber sideswiped a photog, the Homey Malack Lee, between his Ferrari and a parked car.  Justin Did not stop after the alleged incident.

And while Bieber Drove off In the Distance in the Rarri… Police and Paramedics arrived at the Not-So-Funny Laugh Factory scene.  A Police Report was Taken, and Malack was taken to local Cedars-Sinai, where Kim Kardashian just had her baby, and Paris Jackson fought back for her life.

A Felony Hit And Run is whenever a Driver leaves the scene of an accident that causes Bodily Harm to a person.  There is footage that will be released shortly on the Web and all Television Shows.  #Trust

It’s Been a Bad Year for Bieber, which saw the First Day of the Year surrounded by Tragedy when our Great Friend Chris Guerra was Fatally Struck on the Sepulveda Pass, in attempts to catch pictures of Justin Bieber smoking Weed while driving the same Ferrari in Question for this Incident.  And it also just so happens that Lil Twist was ridin with him too.

This also has some bad timing for Biebs Behind The Wheel, Considering the Waged War in his Calabasas Neighborhood along with his Fued with Keyshawn Johnson… I’m pretty sure the District Attorney will have to take a more serious look.

Word of Advice…  Ferraris, Lamborghinis And Fisker Karmas Should NOT be Owned and Operated by a 19-year old Idiot who has been Overtaken by Arrogance.

With all that happened outside of Laugh Factory… We Know All Too Well What’s About To Happen

Garry “Prophecy” Sun for SunOfHollywood.com

Photo & Video : SunOfHollywood.com

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