Why I Believe The Screams On New 9-1-1 Tape Belong To Trayvon Martin posted by on May 15, 2013

A New 9-1-1 Tape has surfaced in the case of George Zimmerman’s Murder Trial of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  In the Tragic Audio a woman, presumed to be a neighbor in their housing community, is heard telling dispatch of the scuffle.

In the background, someone is heard screaming for help.  After a few moments of screaming, a single Gunshot is heard.. and the Screaming Stops.

This is why I believe the screams belong to Trayvon Martin.  What I honestly believe we are hearing is the very moment when Trayvon’s Soul Left our Earth, after a losing struggle against his attacker, George Zimmerman.

I Know Where The Screams Came From... And I Know Why They Stopped

Trayvon’s father says they are screams from his son, and I believe him.  There is currently a debate going on with this new audio where people think it may in fact be George Zimmerman who is screaming, which would aid in his claims of self-defense.

I agree with Trayvon’s father.  The screams sound more like that of a young man than a man in his late 20’s.  But in addition, i don’t find it a coincidence that the screams fall completely silent after the gunshot is heard.  This tells me that whoever was screaming ,also died by the gunshot… Trayvon Martin.

And one last thing.. if the person being attacked was screaming for help, why would he do so while reaching for his own gun to shoot his attacker.

In my opinion, this shows that George Zimmerman was in fact the attacker… Trayvon Martin was NOT attacking George Zimmerman… And George Zimmerman Needs to Go Down for Murder.

I'm Praying For Your Justice Little One

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