Yenn Wants YOU To Win A New iPad Mini !!! posted by on June 17, 2013

Yenn Wants To Give U Her Music.. AND an iPad Mini to Play It On

Pop/Dance/ Electronic artist/ singer/ songwriter YENN is set to release another chart topping single for the summer entitled “I Don’t Need You to Love Me” featuring hit rapper Legacy.  In conjunction with a radio campaign, YENN is launching her single with a lot of generosity towards her fans.  She is doing a national Ipad Mini giveaway in 5 major cities and rewarding one winner from each city with a free Ipad Mini!  This Giveaway is very interactive and will be held in specific cities as it involves a scavenger hunt. Only one winner from each of the following cities is eligible to win a prize; Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta and Chicago.

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YENN says of “I Don’t Need You to Love Me”, “I like this track because it urges women to make better choices when choosing mates”. Backed by super producer Sean “The Pen” Garrett, “I Don’t Need You to Love Me,” is a Pop song that cuts urban grooves, by dropping a Westside L.A.-like back and slight electronica vibe.


Yenn Knows What Her Fans Like

YENN first debuted on the charts with the Dance/Electro single, “So Good to Be Wrong,” in 2010. It peeked at No. 25, and while considered a dance track, it was a true vocal trance and underground rave joint, featuring YENN’s soft, melodic vocals. “It was personal space, and lyrical energy,” YENN explains. After much success, YENN came back in 2011 with the electro-charged, single, “Pretty Ugly.” YENN calls it a “celebratory” track that peaked at No. 14, written and produced by Alex Cantrell.



Click Here Homey If You Wanna a New iPad.. Dont b a dummy !!

For rules, instructions and how to enter into Yenn’s national scavenger hunt giveaway:


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